Governing Systems

Remote control maneuvering system helps the ship engineers and deck officers to steer the ship safely from a control station (bridge or engine room), easing the process of monitoring and operation of marine engine power plant.

The required operation of a ship determines the necessities that its maneuvering system has to cover. These requirements between various vessels can constitute vast differences in bridge design, and so it is no longer advisable to purchase an “off the shelf box” and compromise your operational requirements. A High Speed Craft does not need the same bridge as a Yacht, while the information and operation the captain of a VLCC needs from his maneuvering system is not the same as the one needed by the captain of a Cruise Ship.

MAS designs and installs Custom Designed Integrated Bridge Controls, offering the most ergonomic system to suit both the needs of the vessel and crew. Most of the Maneuvering projects MAS S.A. undertakes are the replacement of the existing system of the vessel with a new electronic system, based on microprocessor technology.

The system we finally deliver is an integral system of the vessel’s automation which is linked to the engine automation and control systems and the Navigation System (if required). If so wished it can also be linked to the monitoring system of the vessel through which, all data can be kept and reviewed.