Energy, Oil&Gas, Heavy Industry

No matter what type of prime mover is driving your generator — be it steam or gas turbine or a gas or diesel reciprocating engine – MAS designs products to control speed, fuel, exhaust emissions, and manage load that are tailored for your specific prime mover.


Benefits of MAS Energy Solutions

  • Seamless integration of protection and control products
  • Performance to meet demanding applications
  • Fuel efficiency and emissions compliance
  • Reliable products for increased up time

Unit Control & Protection Systems

Field proven solutions for all type of engines of any manufacturer and size. Our experience covers application in Prime Power Plants, Backup Power Plants and Peak Shaving Installations.

Power Management Systems

Total solutions for the control and management of multiple units found in electrical power producing installations.

Excitation Control

MAS excitation systems offer a full range of solutions for the generator excitation systems covering most generator sizes and types.

Compressor Control

Field proven control and protection solutions for your compressor based on latest technology controls and algorithms.