Across® Hybrid integrates the valuable experience of MAS S.A. with the successful methodologies for monitoring and controlling hybrid power installations where Solar, Wind, Hydro and Battery storage are used within a single power entity.

The advanced solution uses special algorithms to control and maintain the power levels required by each source, in order to maintain required nominal outputs. Moreover, energy planning is also enforced to ensure that energy levels needed in storage (battery or hydro reservoirs) are met.

Across® Hydrid derived by the known GMS and EMS tools of MAS S.A. combined with the use of the innovative Across® SCADA environment, incorporates special, field proven functionality to manage multiple sources in an isolated grid or micro grid.

Across® Hybrid provides:

  • Latest tools in managing energy and power production based on advanced automatic software management algorithms and reliable energy forecasting methods.

  • Sophisticated logic to automatically handle all types of unforeseen events and ensure that power is delivered to critical sources, even on unrecoverable faults.

  • Robust real time, mission critical engine with an impressive UI that satisfies even the most demanding user.

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