ACROSS is a unified Digital Energy Ecosystem across the energy sector value chain, encompassing production, storage, transmission & distribution, through to consumption.

At a Glance:

Innovations & Benefits

  • Real time Operations Monitoring and Management
  • Built with energy-related logic and incorporating MAS know-how
  • Customizable Dashboards with industry-related KPIs
  • Operating and Industrial Data collection, transformation and analysis
  • Data-based Strategic decision making, aiming to improve operational and organizational efficiency
  • Active load management
  • Energy Forecasting
  • Energy Production Planning
  • Greenhouse gas emissions monitoring
  • Easy-to-use interface with energy-related embedded logic
  • Industry Best-Known practices providing ready-to-use interface templates
  • Minimum configuration costs
  • No development skills needed for set up and maintenance
  • Visual Code Editor allowing non developers to write & run own code

Native Industry 4.0 Support

ACROSS® is designed to integrate latest IT technologies while laying the foundations to adopt and embrace future evolutions. A few of the things that ACROSS® is designed to support and offer natively are:

  • IIOT & edge processing
  • Cloud based applications
  • Big Data processing
  • AI functionality
  • Augmented Reality


Size & Speed


True OT & IT Convergence

No patchworks and no shortcuts!

ACROSS® was designed and developed from scratch by a team of expert Engineers and Developers. It is an OT platform designed and developed with all the latest IT technologies, methodologies, and operational trends.

Radical system and application re-engineering ensures that ACROSS® meets any and all future challenges. Current SCADA principles were Re-Designed to meet today’s technological requirements both back end and front end. The result was an extremely powerful, yet flexible, back-end engine coupled with a fresh tool-set that shortens development time in half.

Latest UI principles were used to design a unique interface that provides optimum User Experience to all kind of users from engineers to simple, unskilled users.

ACROSS® hosts sophisticated solutions for:

  • Generation Management Systems (GMS)
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Load Forecasting & Production Planning
  • Unit scheduling & Unit commitment
  • Demand Management
  • Energy Metering

Redefining Reliability & Availability

ACROSS® is designed and built for mission critical true 24/7 operation. Using latest technology development tools and architecture standards, ACROSS allows for fast upgrades & updates with no down time. Offering latest IT features in scalability, reliability & availability it incorporates cutting edge auditing while it supports cross platform installation.

Using a Microservices architecture with proven tools, ACROSS® incorporates:

  • Latest Industry standards in 24/7 applications based on proven It technology
  • Automatic system recovery from severe faults / crashes
  • Automatic Performance Tuning to support user request
  • Automatic size augmentation and propagation
  • No Downtime updates and upgrades (System & application changes)

ACROSS® goes beyond redundancy to ensure availability. Its unique ability to automatically migrate and balance problematic services across multiple machines, means that the investment in hardware is significantly less while the availability is uncompromised. Automatic replication of data in several mediums / machines or locations ensures that crucial information is never lost even in the worst of circumstances.

Unparalleled Speed and Size

ACROSS® unique design allows it to scale up or down as needed in order to accommodate the needed application size, area to be covered and installation requirements.  It covers from a simple panel HMI of a few hundred IOs to wide area, multiple locations system with millions of IOs, multiple control rooms and complex redundancy topology with the same core.   Its unique core and application topology allows it to grow as needed while maintaining the speed and functionality.

Speed is of great importance in mission critical systems also in large wide-area applications.  ACROSS® data management offers the capacity to update, validate, process and store very large number of live data streams in milliseconds. In addition, the data management tools of ACROSS® provide the ability to store and retrieve terabytes of information in millions of transactions, offering in real-time, an impressive historical & statistical pool of information.

Lastly the unique ACROSS® design provides an advantage to the application engineers, since it provides an integrated wide area system management. Information of every new device is immediately available in every interconnected node.  Unique entity relationship handling method allows for automatic recognition and embedment of remote data, logic and screens.


Beyond Security

Aimed in providing the highest security and traceability available in the market, ACROSS® has adopted the latest industry standards. Enforcing bank level protection systems, across offers:

  • Encryption in all type of communication
  • “Need to share only” policy were info sent to clients contains only authorized data (no hidden info)
  • Extensive logging of all activities
  • Metrics to allow usage reporting and performance analysis
  • Behavior heuristics that automatically detect robots or stolen identities that detect and prevent malicious usage or attacks
  • Latest web security standards
  • Extensive capabilities in user rights in role-based access

Accessible from anywhere

ACROSS® is designed to offer native access from all types of hardware. Users can log on from PCs, mobile and tablets and enjoy an environment that is especially designed for their device. Compatibility is ensured for all types of Operating systems from Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.


Guaranteed Compatibility

Aimed to replace older technology SCADA systems, ACROSS® has given big emphasis in providing seamless compatibility and interconnectivity with all OT standards. All of what you would expect to find in a modern SCADA systems is here, including:

  • Support for thousands industrial protocols
  • Comprehensive alarm handling
  • Vivid graphics for “near life” application monitoring
  • Advanced reporting & Dashboards capabilities
  • Extensive tools to help root cause analysis & If scenarios.
  • etc

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