Exchange Program

In case of an emergency situation or when time is dictating a fast response we are fully capable and ready to supply you with a Woodward governor installed both on main and auxiliary engines due to the exchange stock we hold.

We are also in the position to deliver electronic speed controls on exchange basis.


How the Governor Exchange Program works in 3 simple steps

  • You provide us with part and serial number of your governor.
  • Our team prepares and ships the exchange governor
  • Once you receive this unit, you send us your used governor.


The advantages of the Exchange Program

  • Flat fee cost
  • Minimum system downtime
  • Avoidance of potential delays while waiting for replacement parts
  • Simple to manage during dry dock activities
  • Simple to manage during unexpected shutdowns or planned stops


Use our Exchange Program when

  • The service time window in the port is small
  • The vessel calls into a port where governor service is unavailable