MAS S.A., Service & Engineering expert teams, support Woodward’s VariStroke™ Advanced Actuation System

The VariStroke™ line of linear electro-hydraulic valve actuators operate mechanical-driven or generator-driven steam turbines. Their superb accuracy and resolution make them ideal for steam valve control and related turbine speed and load control, where turbine up-time and availability is essential.

🔹 It is important to maintain your critical assets in order to ensure greater overall reliability of your steam turbine and avoid unscheduled downtime.

🔹 Maintaining the steam turbines properly increases the efficiency leading to lower feedstock and low energy conversion costs 

Woodward’s VariStroke™ line has grown to include double-acting as well as single-acting (spring assist) models in order to respond to specific applications, being able to adapt to all types of configurations.

Whatever the model – single or double acting – the VariStroke™ can split into 2 components with a servo part separated from the power cylinder to be installed in all situations (remote version).


  • Tolerance to dirt and polluted oils
  • Most accurate valve positioner available
  • Very fast positioning
  • Versatile design provides the flexibility to integrate the best solution
  • Robust shaft and bearing design / leak-free product
  • Automatic calibration reduces expenses and commissioning time
  • Highest reliability actuator with redundant inputs, power supplies and position sensors
  • Multiple sizes available allowing OEMs and users to standardize on a single vendor
MAS SA - Varistroke service

✔ Do you operate in the power generation, process industry and oil and gas sectors and run a steam turbine with a Woodward VariStroke™ actuator in service for more than 6 years?

✔ Do you experience performance issues or want to extend your ⚙ steam turbine reliability?

MAS S.A., the first authorized and certified Woodward, Inc. channel partner in Europe, Middle East and Africa to obtain VariStroke™ Bronze & Silver Level Maintenance Certification, can support you worldwide with the highest quality services in order to:

🔸 Evaluate, troubleshoot and verify unit status
🔸 Perform functional test
🔸 Apply Woodward preventative maintenance kits
🔸 Update application software or firmware
🔸 Apply Woodward overhaul-and repair procedures together with Woodward genuine parts
🔸 Supply service exchange unit
🔸 Develop a retrofit for a steam turbine actuation system
🔸 Perform initial evaluation of a warranty claim

MAS S.A. is the Authorized Channel Partner, Central Distributor Facility and Training Center of Woodward for Greece, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, the Balkans and all CIS countries, while it provides VariStroke™ support worldwide.

For further details, please contact MAS S.A.‘s Head Offices in Athens, Greece via e-mail or via phone 0030 2104014000