MAS SA: Proud Distributor of Curtiss-Wright EST Group Products in Greece!

We are delighted to share the exciting news that MAS S.A. has been appointed as a distributor of Curtiss-Wright EST Group products in Greece. At MAS SA, our dedication to providing state-of-the-art technology remains steadfast and we are honored to partner with leading manufacturers to deliver excellence to our customers.

Established in 1968, EST Group stands as a reputable provider of lifecycle products and services across diverse markets. Specializing in highly engineered products and comprehensive repair services for heat management cooling systems, EST Group exemplifies innovation and reliability.

Curtiss-Wright EST Group Training at MAS SA's head Offices in Athens Greece!

Here’s an overview of the remarkable products offered by EST Group:

Pop-A-Plug Tube Plugging System®: Engineered for swiftly preparing and plugging leaking heat exchanger tubes.

Pop-A-Plug® Tube Stabilizers: Designed to stabilize fractured or severed heat exchanger tubes.

G-Series Tube Testing Guns: Utilized for locating and identifying leaking heat exchanger tubes and tube-to-tubesheet joints.

GripTight® and SQ2 Test Plugs: Ideal for high-pressure hydrostatic testing of pipe, pipelines, and pressure vessels.

High Lift Flange/Weld Testing Plugs: Facilitating quick isolation and hydrostatic testing of weld joints for any welded flange to pipe connection.

Double Block & Bleed Plugs: Offering positive isolation of pipe end hot work from potentially explosive upstream vapors.

D-Series Tapping Tools: Compact and lightweight tools for tapping into existing pipelines under pressure.

MAS SA is dedicated to providing distribution and technical support for all EST Group products as part of our commitment to comprehensive service for our esteemed business partners. This collaboration represents an important step for MAS SA as we expand our portfolio and reinforce our dedication to serving various sectors with excellence.

For more information on EST Group Products, please feel free to CONTACT US at +30 210 4014000 or send us an email at We are excited to offer these innovative solutions to serve our customers’ needs.

Thank you for choosing MAS SA as your trusted partner in technology solutions.