Marine Automation & Control Solutions

MAS S.A has a long history in the marine sector. Our involvement in engine room automation dates back to our establishment 45 years ago. Well aware of the special considerations that come with every job in the marine sector we provide compliant solutions for any type of vessel, weather a yacht, commercial ship or passenger ship.

To this day, we continue to be one of the leading companies in Marine Automation & control solutions in Greece, as well as in the wider Eastern Mediterranean area. Our dedication to our customers and our ability to always deliver what we promise, has made us one of the most reliable engineering company in the region and the preferred partner to shipping companies across the world.

As a dedicated Woodward partner, all of our control systems are based on the renowned Woodward governor systems. Our unified solutions are suitable for new vessels as well as existing vessels of any type or size. We install and commission integrated automation and control systems in pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic automation systems.

Understanding the importance of Reliability and Safety, we provide state of the art equipment of indisputable quality, always in compliance with the classification societies.


Marine engine control, protection and monitoring systems

With undisputed core competence in engine control, protection and monitoring systems, MAS S.A undertakes the upgrade of propulsion and generator engines. Our propulsion solutions cover both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines regardless of the driving systems of the vessel (fixed or variable pitch, clutch, common drive, etc.)

We offer complete upgrades for electrical generation sets, which result in highly reliable systems with redundant operational scenarios. Such automation also includes automatic synchronizations and load sharing of multiple units. Special power management systems are also available for modern electrically driven vessels, where electrical power is also used in propulsion. Our sophisticated, highly reliable systems offer operational flexibility and advanced error handling.

Compliant engine room control systems are provided as part of a complete engine room upgrade. Our systems use the latest technology to integrate traditional monitoring and control principles. Leading the technological evolution, we implement an incorporated approach including advanced microprocessor-based technologies configured to operate with existing / old equipment and systems.

We design and install Custom Designed Integrated Bridge Controls, presenting the most ergonomic systems to suit both the needs of the vessel and crew. Most of the Maneuvering projects that MAS S.A undertakes, involve the replacement of the existing system of the vessel with a new electronic one based on microprocessor technology.

We also deliver an integral system of the vessel’s automation linked with the engine automation and control systems and the Navigation System (if required). When necessary, the system can also be linked with the monitoring system of the vessel and through which all data can be kept and reviewed.

Alarm & Monitoring Systems

MAS SA offers a wide range of marine solutions, including sophisticated alarm and monitoring systems.

Auxiliary Systems

MAS SA provides marine solutions for any kind of conversion of existing and new electrical equipment.

Maneuvering Systems

MAS SA designs and installs advanced Custom Designed Integrated Bridge Controls, offering an ergonomic system able to suit both the needs of the vessel and crew.

Power Management

MAS SA offers power management solutions which ensure easy operation and equalizing of power load demand and capacity.