Curtiss-Wright is a worldwide leader in delivering solutions that improve safety, plant flexibility, reliability and efficiency. Farris Engineering, is a Curtiss-Wright business unit, with 70 years of manufacturing experience, providing a wide range of specialized spring-loaded and pilot-operated (PRV) pressure relief valves for many industries including hydrocarbon processing, refinery, petrochemical, fossil and nuclear power generation, natural gas production and transmission, pharmaceutical and general processing worldwide, enabling their customers to prevent over-pressurization of vessels, pipelines and equipment, providing protection to employees, plants and the environment.

Using the Farris portfolio, MAS S.A. provides its customers with total pressure relief management solutions that support a facility’s entire lifecycle. The high-quality and trustworthy valves and system solutions utilized in Gas, Air, Water, Vapour, Liquid, and Steam services result in transforming the way plant safety is ensured on a bespoke basis.