MAS Training Center

MAS S.A. is the exclusive representative, central distributor and business partner of Woodward in the Eastern Mediterranean and also a Recognized Training Facility of Woodward.

Within this context and wishing to best serve our clientele, we organize a series of seminars called “The Secret is Out”. These seminars aim to provide participants with specialized knowledge on various types of Woodward governor units.



WOODWARD Seminars provided by MAS S.A


The specialized seminars organized in the Training Center of MAS S.A have the below characteristics:



The training address to the below professionals:

  • first engineers
  • superintended engineers
  • fleet managers and / or technical managers

Speakers are engineers of MAS S.A, with an excellent span of technical knowledge on engines and therefore fully capable of understanding the problems that may arise from dysfunction of the speed controllers and how to solve them.

Please note that no prior knowledge is required in order to attend.


Why enroll

Woodward seminars are designed to help participants acquire a comprehensive understanding of how a speed regulator works on the machine. Starting from the basic theory and the necessary knowledge, at the end of the seminar attendees will have the ability to handle simple issues, such as:

  • fitting
  • partial dismantling
  • adjusting a regulator
  • lever and air or motor


Participants will also be in a position to solve even more complex problems derived from automation, such as:

  • troubleshooting
  • emergency fixes, etc


Exclusive Woodward seminars

MAS S.A training is planned to cover each topic and include theory and hands-on training. The minimum number of participants in set seminars is six (6) and the maximum is ten (10).

We can also offer tailor made seminars, in order to concentrate on specific needs. In such case, we will be needing at least six (6) participants from your company to create an exclusive seminar for you.

Skills gained in WOODWARD’s Seminars


Woodward seminars will provide the participant with technical knowledge on the matters below:

  • Basic operating principles of speed controllers (governors)
  • Droop, isochronous, compensation, Feedback (what they are and what they serve)
  • Analysis of UG8, PGA (12,29,58,200,300), PGG
  • Governor applications to generator sets (load management)
  • UG and EG actuators
  • EGB actuator / governor (from EGB-10P to EGB-200P)
  • Booster servomotor function and purpose.
  • How to install (place) a governor on the machine.
  • Checking and aligning the fuel levers
  • Ability to identify any automation problems

#100 Mechanical Governors UG-8/UG-40 2 days
#101 Mechanical Governors PGA / PGG / PGPL 3 days
#102 Electrical Governors UG-25 + P1-P3 1 day
#103 Mechanical Governors 723 Plus Digital Speed Control 2 days

* Other types of regulators upon agreement (SG, PSG, 3161, Zexel)


WOODWARD seminars at a glance

Seminars take place at the Training Center of MAS S.A. on pre-determined dates

  • We have the possibility to organize a custom seminar just for your company so that the selected engineers are all available as long as you have a number of minimum six (6) participants
  • Seminars start at 9am and finish at 4pm
  • Instructors are specialized technicians of MAS S.A.
  • Each participant will obtain material in either electronic or hard copy form
  • Due to the hands-on training, the maximum amount of participants is ten (10) and the minimum is six (6)
  • A certificate of attendance will be given at the end of the seminar

Interested in participating one of our WOODWARD seminars? Complete the participation form below and return it to us at

Please feel free to contact us for any further questions.