Market Management Suite - ACROSS digital energy ecosystem by MAS SA

European energy traders are now witnessing price increases and market behaviors not seen in decades. The pressure to store protection for winter and the governments intervention are driving up prices with natural gas trading above 300€/MWh and electricity higher than 1,000€/MWh.

The disorder and the management complexity of the energy markets forces the need for the digitalization of the energy market management operations for all the energy production companies.

To enable efficient participation in the current free energy market and allow for informed decisions, MAS SA has developed the Market Management Suite (MMS) within the ACROSS® Digital Energy Ecosystem.

ACROSS® MMS Functionality:

  • Intra Day and Day Ahead Visibility / Forecasting
  • Forward Market Visibility / Forecasting
  • Price and Volume Management
  • Power & Energy offset Risk Analysis
  • Energy Production Price Calculation
  • View & Chart Forecasts Against Nominations
  • Model different tariff elements
  • Accounting Period Totals
  • Produce Cashflow Forecasts

Additional features of ACROSS® MMS:

  • Cloud-based solution – access from anywhere
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Facilitate communication between different departments and generate synergies
  • Configured to work with an unlimited number of hardware devices
  • Ability to integrate with existing systems
  • Track, monitor, save, analyze, interrogate and understand data

Our solution provides industry specific modules and is a ready-to-use product. Its open architecture allows integration of existing applications, while it includes the latest data analytics tools, machine learning and predictive modeling abilities. Finally, it uses the latest technologies for data safety, integrity and intrusion prevention.