Ensuring energy security and reliability for Chios and Kos islands – MAS SA

control system upgrade

MAS SA will develop, supply, construct, install and commission the advanced protection and operation control system of power production units in the islands of Chios and Kos.


The tremendous progress in electronics, computers and networks of the last years urge for the upgrade of some of the existing protection and operation control systems of the autonomous power stations that are approaching the midpoint of their design life. The new technologies have been incorporated successfully into the digital hardware and software control systems. The complexity of these advanced control systems requires a comprehensive implementation plan to ensure the operations reliability. MAS S.A., with the extensive experience and expertise, is the best technology company to handle the design and implementation of such modernization projects.

Autonomous Power Stations of Chios and Kos Islands

  • Supply and installation of the control system of four engines rated power, 16,500 kW each in Kos and 14,476 kW each in Chios
  • Protection and control provided by a high-end PLC
  • Monitoring provided by HMIs and workstations for electronic display and recording of signals and measurements
  • Integration of the new control systems with existing equipment such as Generators AVRs, the central SCADA and the Power Management System of the Station
  • Local system of exclusive display for warnings and alarms (annunciator) in replacement of existing lights

The PLC replacement project involves studying, for each unit, of the existing control systems as well as of the gensets controlled by them and their replacement with a new, state-of-the-art control and protection system. The control system of each unit will have the new control and protection system (PLC) and two local panel PCs (HMI) installed.