The Renpower series of conferences are held regularly across the World and focus on the fast-changing energy scene as supply needs differentiate and new forms of power generation, mostly Renewables, enter the picture.

The Forum, held in Athens Greece, was a high-profile conference where professionals involved in the Energy industry gather to discuss the most important issues of the sector and map the road ahead.

Our team was very glad to discuss with the participants the solutions MAS has to offer to the Energy Sector:

ACROSS© Digital Energy Ecosystem

  • Virtual Power Plant Suite (VPPS) for a holistic portfolio management
    • Prosumer Management Suite (PMS) for managing energy consumers who are energy producers at the same time Generation Management Suite (GMS) for real time monitoring and dispatching
    • Energy Management Suite (EMS) for energy management and forecasting
    • Market Management Suite (MMS) for participation in any wholesale energy market
  • Imbalance Management Suite (IMS) for all the needs related to the balancing market
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Suite (EVCS) for enhanced functionalities for electromobility
  • Microgrid Energy Management Suite (MEMS) for monitoring and management of small, closed networks

Specialized Equipment for the Energy Sector

MAS SA is Woodward’s Authorized Channel Partner, Central Distributor Facility and Training Center for 26 countries, covering the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans, Turkey & CIS Countries providing protection and monitoring solutions for prime mover machinery.

Turn-Key Project Engineering Solutions

MAS is recognized for the Engineering Excellence and for the long-standing expertise in undertaking complex Turn-Key Projects such as:

  • Energy management system (EMS) in hybrid power stations
  • Power management system & SCADA upgrades in thermal power plants
  • Complete telemetry system and Generation Load Control upgrades in hydro power plants
  • Customized control & protection solutions in OEM engines, turbines & compressors
  • Integrated solutions concerning Battery Energy Storage systems BESS
  • Remote control systems for renewable energy power stations (hydro, wind)