Mr. Leonidas Zaimis, CEO of MAS SA, at the 2022 Delphi Economic Forum

The Delphi Economic Forum annual conference serves as a strategic venue that brings together leaders from all around the world to discuss challenges, inspire change and transform ideas into action.

In the 2022 Delphi Economic Forum Mr. Leonidas Zaimis, CEO of MAS S.A., exchanged ideas on a debate concerning Energy Digitalization under the thematic pillar “Energy, Infrastructure & Connectivity”.

During his speech, Mr. Zaimis pointed out that: “Energy transition cannot be achieved without holistic digital solutions. Moving from isolated VPPs into coherent Digital Energy Ecosystems will provide the needed energy and power management functionality”.

Moreover, he explained how a holistic solution, such as MAS SA’s in-house developed digital energy ecosystem ACROSS©, can ensure real-time management of the complex energy ecosystem across all the value chain (from energy production, storage facilities and the wholesale market to final energy consumption, with specialized modules for Electric Vehicles and Demand Response).

ACROSS© is a state-of-the-art energy solution which can adjust production according to consumption and grid capacity, in order to increase energy efficiency and achieve compliance with the latest ecological and economic requirements. In addition, the total energy dynamics of a complex energy ecosystem are balanced in real time, which includes the utilization of the energy stored by consumers in electric vehicles, home batteries etc.

Finally, Mr. Zaimis described the future of energy digitalization and how the experience of MAS S.A. in dispatching and energy mix in more than 27 islands will serve as an incubator of technology to come.

MAS S.A. specializes, for over 45 years, in the design, development & installation of vertically integrated Control, Protection & Monitoring Solutions for Power Management.