MAS SA establishes a subsidiary in Romania

MAS S.A., leading European Technology provider with 45 years of experience in the design development and deployment of advanced Automation, Control & Supervisory solutions for the Energy, Oil & Gas, Heavy Industry & Shipping sectors, establishes MAS EUROPE – INTELLIGENT ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES SRL, its subsidiary in Romania.

Located in Bucharest, the new subsidiary aims to expand MAS business activity and establish its presence in Romania and the wider neighboring region. The Romanian market is of particular interest to MAS, as it is very active and rapidly growing in all industries the company operates. It therefore constitutes an ideal environment for MAS products, services, and innovative solutions.

Romania has a long tradition in the Oil &Gas sector. In an effort to reduce carbon footprint, the country is committed to generating about 30% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, which marks a significant growth for renewables over the next decade. Factors, such as the need to decrease dependence on fossil fuels, the declining costs of RES technologies that are competing with fossil fuels and encouraging government policies confirm the expected market growth.

MAS S.A. Strategy & Commercial Manager, Mr. Evangelos Makrinos stated: “The Energy sector in Romania is increasingly active and diverse, utilizing multiple sources such as hydrocarbons, hydroelectric and nuclear, with aged assets.  This provides opportunities for modernization throughout the value chain to the final consumer. The shift to sustainable forms of production, such as wind, photovoltaic and biomass, will increasingly complement the share of total electricity generation. MAS, together with our local partners, is investing in this market and we are very excited about it.”

“Our 45 years of experience and expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, innovative software technologies, wide range of services and our customer-centric approach are our competitive advantages in such a rapidly evolving and demanding environment,” Mr. Makrinos added. “Such an environment is both a challenge and a great opportunity. MAS is rising to that challenge, exporting its reliable quality solutions, and driving Greek entrepreneurship forward.”