MAS S.A. establishes “i4 Energy”

The new subsidiary will be the commercial vehicle for “ACROSS Digital Energy ecosystem”

MAS SA, a leading technology provider with 45 years of experience in the design and development of power and energy management systems, is proud to announce the establishment of “i4 Energy”, its new subsidiary in Greece.

Specifically, “i4Energy” will be the commercial vehicle for MAS’s innovative software “ACROSS Digital Energy Ecosystem”, developed especially for the Energy sector. This pioneering digital ecosystem offers vertical solutions in order to meet the requirements of the 4th Industrial revolution. The company will be providing integrated solutions, both in hardware and software, that cover the operational management of electricity producers and consumers holistically. i4Energy and its specialized personnel will offer a wide range of solution for:

  1. Generation Management/VPPs for portfolio management of multiple source and technologies across a diverse geographical distribution.
  2. Energy & Market Management end-to-end, using advanced tools for cost calculation combined with latest technology forecast algorithm to assist operations within the competitive environment of the target model.
  3. Prosumer Management. A coherent unified environment to manage the consumer side, starting with buildings and extending up to ΕV chargers’ fleet. An incorporated algorithm-based system couples Demand Response functionality and V2G capabilities.

The mother company is aiming to further develop the leading and award-winning digital ecosystem “ACROSS”, increasing the company’s investment in research and development. “ACROSS” combines cutting-edge technologies in an innovative backend that provides native power & energy management logic, Smart grid Integration and IoT compatibility.  “ACROSS” technology offers real-time data collection and processing, with powerful algorithms, the use of artificial intelligence, as well as integrated logic management for energy facilities, providing best industry practices for business adaptation to current market needs.

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