MAS S.A. announces Zatech Controls as its Sales Representative in Turkey

MAS S.A. is adding Zatech Controls to its international network 


MAS S.A., the European company specializing in the design, development and deployment of advanced Automation, Control, Protection and Supervisory systems, is appointing a new Sales Representative in Turkey. Aiming to further establish its presence in Turkey, MAS is collaborating with Zatech Controls, adding the company to its international network.

Zatech Controls is a company that focuses on equipment supply for the Oil&Gas, Energy production and heavy industry sectors, while offering engineering and field services.  Industrial Turbine and Engine Controls, Compressor Controls are some of the products provided to optimize operations. Having already collaborated with MAS for over 10 years, Zatech Controls executive team has a strong background, with many years of experience and market knowledge.

MAS SA, as a leading technology provider, offers advanced automation, control and supervision solutions for the Energy, Oil & Gas, Heavy Industry and Shipping Sectors. The company with a wide range of services, state-of-the-art equipment, innovative software technologies and unparalleled know-how and expertise, contributes effectively to the modernization of existing power plants, refineries and other industrial facilities, all the while driving the deployment of RES solutions.

“We already have a long-term presence in Turkey. We have successfully participated in various projects, creating a remarkable clientele”, said Strategy & Commercial Manager Mr. Makrinos. He continued “Turkey has prioritized security of energy supply, boosting domestic oil and gas exploration and production, increasing renewable energy production, as well as improving energy efficiency. Zatech Controls is our new partner that will help MAS explore the business opportunities that this market environment has to offer.”