MAS and the University of West Attica collaborate to create “Green” University Facilities

MAS SA, leading technology company with 45 years of experience in the design and development of automation systems, power management and energy, joins forces with the research team of the Soft Energy Applications Lab with the support of the Special Research Account (ELKE) of the University of West Attica (UNIWA), aiming to create “Green” University facilities.

True to our vision to be part of the technological transformation of the Energy sector, we have been investing in Research for many years, while participating in various European research projects, working towards sustainability and efficient green growth. With a wide range of services, state-of-the-art equipment, innovative software technologies and unparalleled know-how and expertise, MAS contributes effectively to the modernization of existing power plants, refineries and other industrial facilities, all the while driving the deployment of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) solutions. The University of West Attica has a background of theoretical and practical experience in soft and clean energy technologies and participates in international & prestigious related projects. Its strategic choice to promote sustainable resource management is evident by the development of modern energy infrastructure on its premises, which on one hand becomes part of the educational process and on the other hand is actively assisting in covering the University’s energy needs.

Universities’ Special Research Account (ELKE) institutionally aim at the production of theoretical and applied research in fields of sciences that constitute the University’s Academic curriculum, in order to successfully create connections between education, research and the actual needs of the Greek society through studies, projects and other activities. In this context, ELKE undertake actions related to the transfer of know-how, the dissemination of scientific knowledge, and the cooperation of society, the labor market and the scientific community.

Such an activity is this collaborative project to be implemented in the field of optimal management of the energy and water grid, with the participation of MAS and the National Technical University of Athens (School of Civil Engineering, Laboratory of Applied Hydraulics).

MAS SA and the ELKE UNIWA (through the University Research Laboratories) lay the foundations for collaboration around the development and promotion of innovative RES, energy storage, clean electricity and intelligent energy management solutions, with emphasis on community-level applications. This initiative is a modern research activity in the Energy scientific field, aiming to strengthen the UNIWA research program  and offer its students the opportunity to gain practical experience in tangible examples of energy management. At the same time, it will enable MAS to apply and further develop its advanced technologies in a complete and research-specific electrical microgrid, offering the academic community the necessary familiarity with solutions that are applied in the energy sector.

MAS significant role to this project is to provide its executives’ know-how and expertise, the necessary technological equipment and the software of the overall management, the Across Digital Energy Ecosystem. Across Energy Management Suite (EMS) will be responsible for the simultaneous management of various production, storage, control and distribution units, gathering data and contributing to the efficient planning of energy production and supply to the grid.