MAS Reinforces its presence in West & Central Asia

Sales Representatives in Uzbekistan & Azerbaijan


MAS S.A., the niche European company specializing in the design, development and deployment of advanced Automation, Control, Protection and Supervisory systems, is proud to announce the expansion of its international network. Already covering a wide geographical area in Eastern Europe and Asia, the company is moving towards reinforcing its presence in West and Central Asia by introducing two new representatives, Dynatec in Uzbekistan and Omega in Azerbaijan.

Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with successful experience in building service companies in remote locations, Dynatec Proven Solutions is a company with a manufacturing facility of 800 m2 in central Tashkent, and is consisted by a team of keen and capable local engineers. These professionals have accumulated valuable experience and provided quality support to satisfied customers in a short time.

Dynatec operations focus on two main areas: After Market Services (AMS) for Power and Oil & Gas sectors, and IIoT solutions for large OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). AMS is not just a sales activity, instead requires understanding customers’ needs, offering constant technical support, and value for money solutions, therefore building long term relationships.

With over 20 years of history in Azerbaijan, Omega has established trust relations with a large portfolio of customers and because of that has a plethora of projects in its assets.

The company specializes in sales, installation and service of automation, control, and measurement equipment, providing support services along with solutions on system integration, hardware and software. The team consists of experienced programmers, electronic and process control engineers, and installers, who deliver results to complex technical matters for the Energy and the Oil & Gas Industry.

MAS SA, as a leading technology provider, offers advanced automation, control and supervision solutions for the Energy, Oil & Gas, Heavy Industry and Shipping Sectors. The company with a wide range of services, state-of-the-art equipment, innovative software technologies and unparalleled know-how and expertise, contributes effectively to the modernization of existing power plants, refineries and other industrial facilities, all the while driving the deployment of RES solutions.

MAS S.A. Strategy & Commercial Manager, Mr Evangelos Makrinos stated: “We are extremely happy with the establishment of these 2 new collaborations in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. Both countries have significant natural resources in fossil fuel, while there is strong potential and excellent prospect for renewable, clean energy development. Both Dynatec and Omega are two valuable partners that will strengthen MAS’s presence, promoting its products, services and innovative solutions in these countries

“The Energy, Oil & Gas and Heavy Industry sector in West and Central Asia is full of possibilities», Mr Makrinos continued. “Here at MAS, we aim to explore and tap into the business opportunities of this region. We can and we very much want to become an integral part of its growth and development.”

Mr Evangelos Makrinos, Strategy & Commercial Manager, MAS S.A.