MAS at All Things Energy Forum

MAS  participated at the “All things Energy Forum” to address the need for the digital transformation of the Energy Sector 

MAS SA, a leading technology company with over 45 years of experience in the design and development of advanced Automation, Control & Supervisory solutions for the Energy Sector and other industries, was an Associate Partner of the All Things Energy Forum, an online Energy conference which took place from the 2nd – 4th of June 2021, and was organized by Boussias and Natural Resources PC. During the forum a lot of interesting Energy topics were discussed, under the prism of current social, political, economical and environmental developments.

Apart from being an Associate Partner, MAS had the pleasure and honor to participate during the 3rd day’s speaker agenda. Our President and CEO, Mr Leonidas Zaimis, address the plenary about the hot topic of the Energy Digitalization, the technological challenges of the transformation of the Energy Sector and the evolutions of today that will define tomorrow.

During the presentation MAS CEO referred to the transformation of the Energy Sector which is going through the biggest disruption in its history. This disruption is being led by the need to move away from fossil fuel, towards Decarbonization, aiming at sustainability and prevention of further climate change. The need for sustainability has triggered respective changes in legislation and market regulations, increasing incentives and causing a technology shift to Renewables. This shift results in Decentralization, since renewables comprise mostly by smaller installations distributed in dispersed areas. Consequently, there is a technological transition to Renewable Energy Sources, which have matured to be more attractive investments compared to the corresponding technology of fossil fuels.

The energy market is quickly becoming one of the most complex and competitive markets.

The digital transformation of production units and energy distribution networks, in other words the investments in intelligent energy management systems, and the integration of IT technologies are the solutions that can be applied today, so that the industry can control production and demand, safely and reliably. Thanks to such intelligent systems, which integrate all information and communication technologies, the uninterrupted production of energy from different sources and its channeling to the grid in the most efficient way is ensured. 

MAS SA CEO, Mr Leonidas Zaimis stated,  “The Energy Sector has undergone drastic changes in recent years, which are expected to continue in the future, evolving the sector into one of the most complex and competitive. This is mainly because the need to reduce the use of fossil fuel in energy production is now more urgent than ever in order to promote sustainability. At MAS, we move towards this objective by designing technological solutions that support and enhance the companies’ goal of developing and further disseminating sustainable business practices and strategies. ACROSS is our innovative proposal in this new challenge. ACROSS is a specialized software designed and developed specifically to provide all the necessary functions for the management of complex energy portfolios. ”

The digital transformation of power plants and distribution networks, apart from being a competitive advantage, fulfills a functional need. Traditional units need to be modernized, through automation and new equipment, in order to ensure their competitiveness but above all, their viability.