Energy Mastering Awards 2019: MAS SA wins 5 Golds

In this year’s Energy Mastering Awards, where the best practices in energy efficiency were distinguished, MAS SA was awarded 4 Gold Awards in the following categories:

Energy Intelligence Software Category: Gold Award for the software ACROSS

Energy Monitoring Solutions Category: Gold Award for the Supervision, Control, Planning and Energy Management System of the isolated grid of Lemnos.

Energy Storage Innovation Category: Gold Award for the Energy Management System of the Hybrid Power Station of Ikaria.

Industry Category: Gold Award for the upgrade of the control & management system of GT 10-B turbines

”Across incorporates MAS’s 45 years of experience in power and energy management integrated in a latest technology platform.  It is a unique and innovative product created by close collaboration between expert engineers and developers.  We are proud to see the market was fast to recognize the power of Across and we remain committed to its constant enhancement” stated Leonidas Zaimis, President of MAS SA, while receiving the Gold Award for ACROSS at the category “Energy Intelligence Software”.

MAS SA also won an honorary “Best of the year” Award as a recognition of the company’s overall achievements.

More than 260 professionals representing over 65 top enterprises participated at the Award Ceremony, which took place on Thursday the 12th of December at Radisson Blu Park Hotel. Attendees had the opportunity to identify the awarded practices and projects regarding sustainability, energy efficiency and saving.

Being recognized as a leader in the energy field comes with a great responsibility. This recognition among top companies at this year’s Energy Mastering Awards, further strengthens our determination towards providing energy efficiency solutions and contributing – to the best of our ability – to the prevention of climate change.