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MAS SA at a glance

With over of 45 years of valuable experience we are specialists in providing technologically advanced Power Management, Control, Protection & Monitoring Solutions with emphasis in the Energy sector.

Our inhouse team of engineers and developers constantly designs, develops and tests innovative solutions which respond to the most challenging projects. We combine our experience with the applied knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies to boost the capacity, reduce downtime and expand the life span of the assets we upgrade.

Why us

  • Quality: we ensure unparallel quality for our projects by applying standard operating procedures at least conforming to the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
  • Global collaborations: we are proud to belong to the Woodward aftermarket group. Moreover, we are the sole representative, central distributor and authorized training center for Woodward in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans area, the Russian Federation and the rest of the CIS countries.
  • Independency: we choose to operate as a self-reliant organization and therefore we are capable to offer the best solutions from the top manufacturers, fully serving our customer needs and the applied techno-economic models
  • Reliability: we are qualified of providing an OEM world-wide guarantee for all projects we deliver
  • Attention to detail: we closely supervise and control all stages of engineering, upgrading, testing, installing, and commissioning of our solutions for energy, oil & gas, heavy industry and the marine industry
  • Teamwork: we emphasize the importance of team spirit and collaboration and nurture a winning environment, where our people find, set and achieve common goals

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