VP of MAS S.A. invited at COMPETE-GR – World Bank leadership meeting

Vassilis Zaimis, VP and Dep.CEO of MAS, participated on Thursday, February 13 at a leadership discussion event organized by the Council of Competitiveness of Greece and World Bank for the presentation of the first competitiveness study for the Greek economy, with the participation of Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Development. The selected group of industry and institutional leaders discussed on the structural challenges that Greece has to face and on how we can move to quick wins. Vassilis Zaimis raised the issue of supporting the Greek companies that through immense efforts and sacrifices along with their people succeeded in sustaining the Greek economy during the dark period of the economic crisis, eliminating however, their resources to engage in renewed opportunities.

ABOUT MAS: For over 45 years MAS is specializing in the design, development and installation of advanced automation, control, protection and supervisory management solutions that critically increase productivity, minimize downtime and extend the life time of the initial investment for the sectors of power production, heavy industry, oil and gas, marine and transport..


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: MAS: www.maseurope.com , COMPETE-GR: www.competegr.com , WORLD BANK: www.worldbank.org