MAS SA & Smart Building: Energy Efficiency Conference 2019

More than 180 senior executives from the broader industry participated at the Energy Efficiency Conference 2019 which took place on Wednesday, the 22nd of May 2019. MAS SA was part of this fruitful dialogue, taking the opportunity to present its advanced technological solutions for building energy management systems.

The event included interesting presentations on topics regarding energy and innovative technological solutions and highlighted case studies of leading companies which managed to optimize energy efficiency achieving the reduction of industrial plant and buildings’ operating costs, while increasing competitiveness.

This year, MAS SA focused on Smart Buildings; Dr Ioannis Souflis (New Business Development Manager), proposed how advanced technological solutions may impact the energy upgrading of both existing and new building facilities. Such solutions involve the development of SCADA systems incorporating automation systems and energy management applications, Internet of Things devices and -soon enough- machine learning applications that will assist the progress of the smart buildings operation.