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Who we are

We are one of the few engineering companies in Europe specializing in the design, development and installation of Power Management, Control, Protection & Monitoring Solutions.


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What we do

Engine Control

MAS S.A. provides well-integrated solutions that help make today’s engines and equipment operate more cleanly, reliably and efficiently, achieving their highest performance.

Turbine Control

Our expertise covers field proven solutions for all type of engines in Prime Power Plants, Back up Power Plants and Peak Shaving Installations.

Power Management

Integrated solutions for the control and management of multiple units in electrical power production installations.

Software Solutions

MAS S.A. software solutions, consolidate specialized functions and tools aiming to provide comprehensive supervision, control and operation of a complete Power Plant.


We design, develop and install advanced engine control, protection and monitoring systems for pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic automation systems.

Case studies

Generation Management System Pressed from the increasingly limited technical personnel in the islands but also from the need to drop operational overheads in order to keep energy prices competitive, the PPC was looking for ways to operate 34 power plants, located throughout Greece's islands, more efficiently. Upgrade of National Primary Frequency Control System for Hydro-Electric Stations The new system provides increased speed and accuracy of each hydro unit while ensuring completely unattended safe operation. Yacht diesel generators power management retrofit The project was undertaken on a turn-key basis.  This means that all Engineering, Procurement, Development, Installation and Commissioning was delivered by MAS.

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