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SCADA Systems

A good and reliable supervisory system is one of the most important aspects of a successful update since it is the main user interface of any control and automations system. For this reason, MAS S.A. has a special department that is involved in the continues development of applications targeting specifically the area of machine control and process monitoring.

MAS S.A. is investing continuously in new technologies keeping its supervisory and control solutions to the latest standards. With over a decade of continuous development and relevant investments, our SCADA solutions today cover a wide area of application and are renown for their user friendliness, operational capabilities and reliability.

Key differentiation of our solutions is the use leading platforms and industrial software solutions which are integrated and customized to offer unified system. Sophisticated MAS S.A. applications embed specific know-how and industry best practices resulting in an open system capable to expand to any size and to meet any industry standards.

Our SCADA technology is driven by a sophisticated core which ensures optimum reliability and availability by separating the data collection and verification process from the actual Application and the RDBMS functions. This allows optimal customization providing the end user with the exact functionality and interface that he needs. Multiple redundancy levels ensure that no single failure can compromise the system. Using a mesh topology, all localized system are joint to form a unified overall system which can support multiple central controls and extended local or remote workstations. 

MAS S.A. today offers a wide variety of systems covering each supervision level application which among others include :

  • Unit supervision systems providing a comprehensive interface to all underlining machine control and automation systems. 
  • Station / Plant supervision systems combining all the unit supervision capabilities with the overall process data allowing a complete overview and control to all units, auxiliaries and electrical systems in a central system which provides integrated operational logic.
  • Generation Management  systems  to monitor and control the production of multiple stations and multiple energy sources (eg thermal, wind, solar, hydro) to optimize energy production.  Operational priorities and contractual obligations are observed while demand is met by the best possible combination of resources obtaining the optimal techno-economical operational point. 
  • Energy Metering Systems to accurately measure the energy export / import and consumption in order to monitor contractual agreements or/and optimize the energy profile of a given process / plant.  

Please feel free to contact us for more specific information on our solutions in your specific needs.