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Engine Control & Protection

Reciprocating engines are used as the driving equipment for many applications the most popular of which is power generation. Upgrading of engine control and protection systems is part of the scheduled investment in a power producing installation in order to maintain or meet the latest standards and modern operational requirements.

For over 40 years MAS S.A. specializes in the providing engine control and protection solutions. Today we provide field proven solutions for 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines of any manufacturer and size. Our experience covers application in Prime Power Plants, Backup Power Plants, Peak Shaving Installations, etc. 

Quality, safety, performance and reliability are of the highest importance no matter the application. For this reason MAS S.A. uses only products and technologies from industry leading manufactures such as Woodward which also ensures the machine’s OEM acceptance.

The upgrade of the control systems of existing machines is not an easy task. Our engineering teams have both the know-how and experience to provide solutions for the most demanding tasks often exceeding customer and OEM expectations. Upgrade scope may vary depending on machine needs and customer requirements and usually includes Engineering, Procurement and Installation of:

  •  On-machine equipment which usually includes new actuator controls to enable fast and precise speed control.  Machine instrumentation may  also be upgraded or extended to comply with latest control & safety standards.
  •  Unit Control Panels (UCP) which houses the new machine control systems. Systems often delivered within the UCP include: unit control systems, auxiliaries controls, AVR, OMD systems, ESD, HMI, etc.
  •  Local / Remote Panels which enable the supervision and control of the machine on the field or from a remote location.   

Depending on the upgrade scope and the machine state, the benefits expected from such project are:

  •   Increased availability & reliability (less down time).
  •   Increased machine lifetime.
  •   Increased operational flexibility.
  •   Better overall control.
  •   Increased revenue.
  •   Reduced maintenance costs.

​Please feel free to contact us for more specifica information on our solutions in your specific needs.