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Energy Management Systems

Energy management is a key factor in today’s operations. Having decades of experience in energy electrical production and consumption MAS S.A. possesses both the know-who and technologies needed to provide correct and complete energy management solutions for a wide variety of applications.

MAS S.A. offers field proven and tested energy management solutions for both the consumption side and the production side. Consumption energy management is often enforced on large consumers and energy demanding applications where close control of the imported power is needed to reduce energy costs or to comply with available power limitations. For such installations MAS S.A. offers:  

  • Demand management solutions where energy demand is predicted or planed and loads are controlled in a way so as to match a required power profile.  Energy management systems often integrate cost factors in combination with production / operational criteria. 
  • Peak shaving solutions where local power production units (usually back-up power houses) are used to maintain imported energy at a predefined level by automatically undertaking the excess energy required by the process in hand.  Operation of the power producing units is totally automated and is executed also based on live and projected energy data accounting also for the economical impact of the overall operation.

Electrical energy production in isolated grids is also in need of an energy management system especially when several energy sources are combined. MAS S.A. has extended knowledge on isolated grids and has developed special solutions for managing multiple energy producing sources such as solar, wind, hydro and thermal units as well as electrical and thermal energy storages. Our energy management systems in combination with our sophisticated the power management solutions provide a complete and autonomous system which manages thermal and electrical loads with the highest of efficiency and reliability.     

Being primarily a solution provider, all our systems are essential customized to meet every demand and solve any particularity. 

Please feel free to contact us for more specific information on our solutions in your specific needs.