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Electrical protections / Substation Control

Heavily involved in projects in the Power Production sector, MAS S.A. often undertakes the task to provide new LV or/and MV cubicles as part of the upgrade scope. Similarly MAS S.A. has also RTU solutions for substation control and metering.

As a Woodward partner, MAS S.A. offers a wide selection of protection relays covering LV and MV installations.  In addition we provide complete solutions for alternator & transformer protection. All our products comply with the relevant industrial standards and offer latest technology systems which compliment a complete Power Production installation upgrade.

Where utility transmission and distribution substations are involved, MAS S.A. can undertake the upgrade of the automation and protection systems installing latest technology RTUs and local SCADA systems. As a Remsdaq partner, MAS uses the advanced Calisto platform which is a leading system in its field.  

All control systems are tailored to meet a wide variety of applications and are seamlessly assemble for a total distributed substation automation solution that may encompass high safety standards and high reliability standards. All our systems comply with the latest IEC standards.

Finally, MAS S.A. is driven by the increasing demands for more sophisticated Advanced Distribution Automation solutions to improve utility operational efficiency, quality of supply, reliability and security which are an inevitable consequence of the industry progression towards Smart Grid networks. As such, all our systems take into account current and future trends in order to make sure that an investment today will be capitalized in years to come.

Please feel free to contact us for more specific information on our solutions in your specific needs.