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Maintenance & Overhaul

Representing important manufacturers in a wide geographical area, MAS S.A. is also responsible of the technical support of their equipment.  Specifically for Woodward and Kidde, MAS S.A. is approved to provide official maintenance and overhaul services issuing the OEM guarantee.

Our workshops are equipped with the all needed equipment and follow the latest standards in providing proper and correct service to governors, actuators, valves, etc.

To cover the needs of demanding clients with no tolerance in downtime, MAS S.A. offers also “exchange” possibilities whereby a new unit is shipped to the customer prior to him sending his old unit for maintenance.

For customers who require complete service and support program aiming at providing “peace of mind” as well as the securing for the smooth operation of their assets, MAS S.A. offers special support contracts.

The most common support package is the “Fleet Maintenance Contract” whereby MAS S.A. undertakes to manage the maintenance and overhaul of all Woodward governor, actuator, valves and mechanical controls. Based on this program newly serviced equipments are constantly rotated replacing running systems ensuring zero downtime.  In addition all equipments are constantly under a guarantee of good operation. 

Please feel free to contact us for more specific information in our solutions on your specific needs.