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Application Engineering

Every MAS S.A. solution includes the needed custom engineering to exactly match the delivered equipment to the equipment in reference. A correctly engineered solution yields significant financial savings not only in the execution phase but also in the operation since safety, reliability, availability efficiency, maintenance and productivity are all key inputs in every project that we undertake.

Planning, designing, developing and executing a system upgrade of existing machines is a much harder task than designing similar system on a new installation. Such a project should account for the “marriage” of new technology controls with the existing old infrastructure. Know-how and experience is the key success factor since in most cases documentation is non-existent or unreliable due to the undocumented changes old installations are subject to.

Our engineering department is dedicated at providing the engineering works needed to ensure a successful machine and/or station upgrade. Our engineers not only possess the needed know-how, experience and specialized training, but have also a practical (on-field) background which a key element when designing such solutions.

Depending on the needed project scope and on the customer’s requirements, MAS engineering deliverables may include:

  • System engineering, which involves documents related to the new systems including: operational philosophy, new panel drawings, logic diagrams, architecture diagrams, etc.
  • Installation / adaptation engineering, which involves documents, related to the needed infrastructure changes for the adaptation of the new system including: new P&IDs, mechanical / hydraulic modifications, field instrumentation replacements, etc.

Please feel free to contact us for more specific information on our solutions in your specific needs.