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Speed Sensors

Magnetic-Pickups Magnetic Pickups
Magnetic pickups (MPUs) are speed sensors that detect the speed of a prime mover, typically an engine or turbine. They are the communication link between your engine and a Woodward electronic governor control. The MPU is installed next to a drive shaft gear made of a material that reacts to a magnetic field. As each gear tooth passes the MPU, the gear interrupts the MPU's magnetic field, and an alternating voltage is developed. The frequency of this voltage is translated by the speed control into a signal that accurately depicts the speed of the prime mover.
Woodward’s magnetic pickups can be used with most electronic speed controls. Models are available for hazardous location installation.


Mini-Gen Mini-Gen® Signal Generators
Woodward’s Mini-Gen® Signal Generator develops an AC sine wave that can be used to measure the speed of rotating machinery or engine RPM. Most notably, the Mini-Gen is used on over-the-road vehicles where the input is sent to either a tachometer or a speedometer for determining vehicle speed.
• Mount on standard SAE 7/8-18, and E1 & E2 DIN 75 532 tachometer outputs
• Compact, only 1-3/4" in diameter
• Long, reliable life under continuous speeds as high as 4000 RPM
• Usable signal at speeds below 20 RPM (10 Hz)
• Output signal frequency 1/2 of shaft RPM
• Rugged zinc die cast construction
• Plated for protection against moisture, salt and dirt
• Optional connectors available