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Speed Switches


DSS-2 Digital Speed Switches

Versatile speed monitoring or equipment protection device. Woodward’s DSS-2 combines the convenience of manual adjustments with the flexibility of a computer-based calibration tool. The two-channel electronic speed switch executes a variety of speed-related functions, including starter motor disable and engine overspeed protection. DSS-2 monitors engine rpm via a magnetic pickup (MPU) input and controls two independent relays. Once engine speed exceeds the user-selected speed setpoint, the relay will go to the designated set condition.
DSS-2 has two multi-turn potentiometers for manual speed setpoint adjustment. A computer interface is provided for additional adjustments with the All-purpose Calibration Tool (ACT). For most applications, DSS-2 can be connected and adjusted with simple hand tools. For more advanced features, the calibration tool provides user-friendly access. Three indicator lamps permit system monitoring and diagnosis without use of additional tools.
The unit is fully potted for harsh environments and comes with Euro-style connectors for easy installation. The DSS-2’s universal input accommodates both 12-volt and 24-volt systems. And, it is reverse-polarity protected to prevent damage in case of incorrect wiring.


EPS 1000 Speed Switches

Three-channel engine protection system with simultaneous functionality. Woodward’s EPS 1000 protects diesel engines from damage due to overspeed. Diagnostic fault lights pinpoint engine failures, helping to reduce maintenance and repair costs and minimize downtime.
With one speed signal input, the EPS 1000 can control up to three on-board relays, or channels. The three channels can be configured independently to set and reset at various speeds. Each relay is a single pole, double throw relay with common, normally open, and normally closed contacts. Contacts are rated at 10 amps.
Its three-channel capability makes the EPS 1000 ideally-suited for engine/equipment protection, sequenced operations, and critical timing applications. It can also be used for unattended engine starting using autocrank and glow plug functions.
The EPS speed switch is software programmable and has no manual adjustments. The All-purpose Calibration Tool (ACT) is used for programming (configuring and adjusting) the EPS module.
And its patented, reversible frame makes it easily adaptable for base or panel mounting.


ESSE Speed Switches

Single and dual-channel speed switches for critical speed functions. ESSE switches monitor and control critical speed functions such as:
• Crank disconnect or overspeed protection
• Transmission shift inhibiting
• PTO protection

The switches are adaptive to most speed-related switching functions on diesel and gas engines and other rotating machinery. In addition to generator sets, starter motors, and engines, ESSE switches are also used on diverse equipment such as conveyor belts, bus doors, and magnetic brake retarders.
Both single and dual setpoint models are potted for protection against harsh environments and have proven to be reliable and rugged as well as flexible and cost effective.