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Woodward’s TUG 4 Series temperature monitoring devices provide up to 16 PT100 RTD (resistance temperature detector) inputs for temperature measurement and monitoring. Two individually configurable trip levels can be programmed for each sensor input. If a measured temperature exceeds its configured trip levels, alarm and shutdown relays will energize accordingly. An additional relay is provided for indicating a wire break fault.
A two line LC display shows the configured names of the analog measuring inputs. If an alarm occurs, an alarm message is displayed, as well as the value of the input that caused the alarm.
Communication interfaces are available in case measuring values and trip levels need to be transmitted to a PC or PLC system.


Woodward’s UMT 1 Series consists of measuring transducers that feature true RMS sensing. Measured values are calculated and displayed on a two-line, 16-character LC Display. They can either be assigned to analog outputs (configurable as -20 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 mA, or 4 to 20 mA) or transmitted to a higher-level control system via RS-485 or Profibus DP interface.
The primary measured values of voltage and current are used to calculate the values for active, re-active, apparent power, power factor (cosphi), kWh and kvarh. An impulse output is also provided to output kWh or kVarh values.