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Ignition & Exciters


CD Ignition System

Woodward's IC-910 and IC-920 CD (capacitive discharge) ignition systems provide the essential high-energy spark needed for lean-burn engines that operate at higher mean effective pressures and with larger cylinder bore sizes.
Woodward's capacitive-discharge (CD) ignition systems are designed to meet engine manufacturer requirements for high-energy ignition systems. CD ignition systems offer flexible energy delivery to the spark plug via dual-strike capabilities. Woodward's CD ignition systems are matched with the CD ignition coil for optimized engine performance and efficiency.


AC Ignition System

For OEMs developing next-generation gas engines, Woodward's new IC-1100 AC ignition systems offer the full flexibility for delivered spark energy and duration to match the ignitability characteristics of the gaseous fuel. OEMs should consult with their Woodward account manager on to incorporate this revolutionary technology into their next engine designs.
Woodward's AC ignition systems are designed to meet engine manufacturer requirements for flexible and high energy ignition systems. AC ignition systems offer unlimited flexibility with respect to delivered energy to the spark plug. This is essential for lean-burn engines.
Woodward's AC ignition systems offer the solution for fuel quality variation, which has an effect on the ignitability of the lean mixture. Electronically controlled ignition energy levels deal with fuel quality variation in an effective way.



Woodward's STExcite™ high-energy exciter interfaces with robust ignition leads and igniters to provide robust ignition systems for industrial gas turbines.
The exciter design is compatible with existing high-energy turbine ignition systems and can provide a drop-in alternative to existing units. Single and dual output versions are available. The use of digital circuitry allows for advanced diagnostics, improved reliability, and network communication options. In addition, the unit is UL Listed and CE approved.


PG/E3 Ignition Systems

For smaller-sized gas engines with a relatively low mean effective pressure, the onboard ignition systems of the PG and some E3 engine control systems, in combination with Woodward Smart Coils, is a cost-effective solution. Smart Coil-based inductive ignition systems are available for both rich- and lean-burn engine control systems.