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Configurable Control

Gas & Diesel Engine Control Systems


2301D Load Sharing and Speed Control

Woodward’s 2301D speed controls are used in electric generator systems where load sharing is desired. They are used with diesel or gas engines, or steam or gas turbines, and are compatible with all Woodward electronic controls. The microprocessor-based digital control is housed in a sheet-metal chassis and consists of a single printed circuit board. The flexible configuration software incorporated in the control hardware allows easy changes to accommodate engine speed range, gear teeth, and selection of forward or reverse acting.

723Plus-DigitalControls 723Plus Digital Controls
Woodward's GAP-based 723Plus digital controller is available in standard application to manage and control reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, or dual fuel) used in power generation, marine, and industrial engine and process markets.


APECS DPG 2100 Controller

Isochronous engine control. DPG 2100 controllers offer exceptional performance in an economic package.


APECSDPG-2200 APECS DPG 2200 Controller
Isochronous or droop control. All adjustments on DPG 2200 controllers may be either software programmable or manually adjusted.


APECS DPG 2300 Controller

Off-highway applications DPG 2300 controllers combine analog signal input and two discrete speeds into one unit.


APECS 4800 Controller

The APECS 4800 control system combines a digital electronic controller with a rotary or linear actuator to provide speed control of diesel engines under 75 hp (56 kW). The system provides accurate, reliable, and durable control over the service life of the engine in the extreme operating environments found in power generation and industrial applications.
The 48-pin digital controller provides isochronous speed control, actuator position control, torque limiting, droop, glow plug control, CAN J1939-based communications, and additional engine management and protection functions to optimize engine operating efficiency.



APECS 4500 Controller

Advanced electronics in APECS 4500 provide maximum control and optimal engine performance. Adaptive features include autocrank, droop governing, glow plug control, and analog input (remote speed pot). CAN/J1939 bus interface allows communication and diagnostics among engine components.
The APECS 4500 controller is integrated into commercial and construction vehicles, and industrial engine systems and compressors by original equipment manufacturers and industrial plants. It is also suitable for low speed (<25 km/h [16 mph]) non-consumer off-highway vehicles. Typical applications include generator sets, compressors, construction machinery, and farm vehicles.




APECS 3000 Controller

APECS 3000 controllers are isochronous engine governors that control and limit engine speed by adjusting the fuel control lever with a proportional actuator. They are configurable for operation at up to four different speeds. There are no manual adjustments; all features are software configured with the APECS Calibration Tool. APECS 3000 controllers are well-suited for generator sets, compressors/ pumps, utility vehicles, and construction equipment. 



APECS 2000 Controller

The APECS 2000 is an isochronous controller for diesel, gasoline, CNG, and LPG engines. Calibration and adjustments of Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) gains are performed manually without the need for specialized software. Features include electrostatic discharge protection, reverse polarity protection, and protection against miswiring. Diagnostics take account of broken signal leads and overspeed conditions, responding with failsafe measures. The controller is engine compartment mountable and is compatible with APECS actuators. APECS 2000 is ideal for off-highway applications such as gensets, construction equipment and farming machinery.



APECS 500 Controller

The APECS 500 controller combines the convenience of manual adjustments with the flexibility of a computer-based calibration tool. Electrical connections consist of six wires to battery, actuator and magnetic engine speed pickup. For most applications, APECS 500 can be connected and adjusted with simple hand tools. This single speed controller is designed to meet the needs of the small genset market where simplicity, ease of operation, and low cost are key features. 


Gas Turbine Control Systems 


2301D-GT Digital Load Sharing & Speed Control

Control with integral application software designed for single-shaft gas turbine applications.
Like Woodward's 2301A line of controls, this control is housed in a sheet-metal chassis and consists of a single-printed circuit board. To facilitate unit retrofits, the 2301D-GT's I/O terminals are located in the same general location as Woodward's 2301A line of controls. This control is designed to perform the core fuel control functions of a small gas turbine package. The application software is field configurable, allowing it to be modified to meet site-specific requirements.

GTC100--GTC200 GTC100 & GTC200 Industrial Controllers
The GTC100 and GTC200 industrial controllers offer robust, low-cost control for a wide variety of dual-fuel gas turbine applications. The GTC100 controls single-shaft turbines, and the GTC200 controls two-shaft machines. Industrial microprocessor technology is coupled with a proven real time operating system to provide reliable and deterministic performance that is required for recursion-rate-sensitive applications. Dedicated inputs and outputs (I/O) are available onboard for key control signals, while expansion I/O is used for other less sensitive parameters.

GTC190 GTC190 Industrial Controllers
The GTC190control system is a new generation of turbine control that provides the power of PC technology in a rugged and deterministic system. The flexible and powerful software tools and exceptional computational power make the GTC190 control an ideal solution for controlling a single-shaft large industrial gas turbine. Typical large industrial gas turbine control loops (speed, load, EGT, etc.) come standard within the core system. Both single and dual fuel capabilities are available with the GTC190.

GTC250 GTC250 Industrial Controllers
The GCT250control is an industrial platform that offers robust, low-cost control for a wide variety of aero-derivative gas turbine applications. Most importantly, this control is designed to be a true “network based platform” that interfaces seamlessly with a wide variety of modern communication and field bus architectures. The GTC250 couples state-of-the-art PC technology witha proven real time operating system to provide reliable and deterministic performance that is required for recursion-rate sensitive applications. Dedicated inputs and outputs (I/O) are available onboard for key control signals while distributed I/O can be used for other less critical parameters. 
All UG-40 governors have adjustable compensation. A pointer on the governor sets and indicates the amount of compensation. Compensation allows isochronous speed control. 

Genset Control Systems


easYgen-300 Series

Woodward’s easYgen-300™ Series provides affordable, value-packed genset controllers for auto start and transfer switch applications. They provide all the essential functionality for stand-by diesel genset applications with monitoring, protection, and event recording options common to higher-end controls.

easYgen-1000-Series easYgen-1000 Series
The innovative features of the easYgen-1000™ Series make it the intelligent choice for specialized non-paralleling mobile power and emergency stand-by applications:
· Flexible breaker configuration and start-stop logic
· Real and reactive power sensing
· Remote-start capability

easYgen-2000-Series easYgen-2000 Series
The easYgen-2000™ Series is a compact, affordable genset control and protection package for synchronizing and load sharing of up to 16 gensets in island operation, or parallel operation of a single unit with a utility. Its integrated load-dependent, start/stop programming allows you to define how gensets are brought on- and off-line to support changing load demands. It even works with a mix of different sized engines, so you can maintain the spinning reserve you need while optimizing fuel efficiency.

easYgen-3000-Series easYgen-3000 Series
Woodward’s easYgen-3000™ Series is an exceptionally versatile set of genset controllers and protection packages with all the flexibility and features needed to fit a wide range of generating set applications. It allows you to standardize on a single, affordable, genset controller for many uses, from stand-alone emergency generators to isochronous parallel operation of up to 32 gensets.

GCP-30-Series GCP-30 Series
Woodward’s GCP-30 Series genset controllers are designed to provide total control for multiple, medium- to large-sized applications. A network of the compact, versatile GCP-30 controls is capable of controlling up to 14 gensets with automatic sequencing. Load management features include automatic base loading/peak shaving, import/export control, and emergency power/back up power generation. The GCP-30 Series is well known in the market for highly reliable soft- and hardware.

GCP-31-Rental GCP-31 Rental

Woodward’s GCP-31 Rental Genset Controller (Package RPQ+SC09) is especially designed to meet the needs of the rental generator market. Discrete inputs are provided to choose from different sets of rated voltages and frequencies.
Phase matching synchronization and unloading the mains is provided without the need for mains circuit breaker reply signals.


Woodward’s EGCP-2 is a microprocessor-based complete generator control and engine management package. It is designed for use with an automatic voltage regulator and a speed control to automate and protect diesel or gas engine based generator sets.
Designed for small- to medium-sized generator sets, the EGCP-2 can be configured to operate stand-alone or by utility paralleled sets. A network of EGCP-2 controls is capable of controlling up to eight unmanned generator sets for base-load, peak shaving, or backup power generation.

The EGCP-3 MC combines power system, switchgear, bus and utility monitoring, protection, and control functions in a single, compact, and cost-effective package. Perfect for medium- and large-sized generating systems, the EGCP-3 MC is designed for use in ATS, peaking, or utility paralleled systems.
The MC is a supervisory control system that works with EGCP-3 LS units to provide total system control, including multiple utility tie applications.

The EGCP-3 LS combines engine, generator, power system, switchgear, bus and generator monitoring, protection, and control functions in a single, compact, and cost-effective package. Perfect for medium- and large-sized generation systems, the EGCP-3 LS is designed for use in stand-alone, peaking, or utility paralleled systems.

LS-4-Multiple-Circuit LS-4 Multiple Circuit Breaker Control & Protection
Woodward’s LS-4 is a breaker control and protection module used to expand the number of controlled breakers in a power generation and distribution system. The LS-4 is applied when you need to control, synchronize, and protect multiple main feeders or bus tie breakers.
An automatic adjustment in frequency, voltage, and load is handled by the LS-4 and the connected GCP-30 genset controls. You are able to operate up to 14 GCP genset controllers and 8 LS-4 circuit breaker controllers in one networked application.


LS-5 Multiple Circuit Breaker Control & Protection

The LS-5 Series are synchronizer and load share controllers with integrated protective functions. They are designed to enable complex power management applications with multiple incoming mains and bus breakers in combination with easYgen-3400/3500 equipped genset controllers. 
The LS-5 devices will manage synchronization, loading and unloading on each bus segment and send the required voltage and frequency references via CAN bus to the easYgen-3400/3500 genset controllers. LS-5 devices which are located on the incoming mains breakers will automatically detect mains failures and start the corresponding gensets accordingly. Wiring efforts are reduced to a minimum, since only one CAN bus connection is required between all LS-5 and easYgen-3400/3500 controllers. It is not required to wire any AC measurement signals or discrete inputs/outputs between the LS-5 and easYgen-3400/3500 controllers. 
Extensive remote control capabilities via discrete inputs or interfaces are provided to easily integrate the LS-5 into each application environment. 

Expansions Modules

RP-3000-Remote-Panel RP-3000 - Remote Panel for easYgen 3000 Series
Woodward’s RP-3000 is a remote control and annunciation panel for use with the back-panel mounted easYgen-3100/3400 or door-mounted easYgen-3200/3500 genset controls. The RP-3000 is an ideal solution for door-mounted applications, providing control from the front panel with greatly-reduced wiring to the access door, while keeping high-voltage connections located safely on the back panel.

easYlite-100 easYlite-100 CAN Bus Based Remote Annunciator
The easYlite-100 is designed to remotely display the status of a generator control system through a CAN bus Interface. The easYlite-100 may be used where an additional status display is required, which is directly connected to the generator control unit.
The compact design permits easy mounting and the ergonomically designed faceplate provides immediate identification of the system status. LEDs on the easYlite-100 faceplate change their state if the assigned warning/alarm condition occurs or the status conditions change.

IKD-1-Digital IKD 1 Digital I/O Extension Board
The IKD 1 is an I/O extension board. It allows an additional 8 discrete inputs and 8 relay outputs to be connected via CAN bus to the Woodward generating set controllers series GCP-30 and easYgen.

Load-Share-Gateway-LSG Load Share Gateway (LSG)
Woodward’s Load Share Gateway (LSG) is a communication converter specifically designed to operate the easYgen-2000™ and easYgen-3000™ Series with Woodward`s EGCP-2 systems or analog load share controllers in a single load share network.
The LSG supports your retrofit business by integrating the easYgen-2000™ and easYgen-3000™ Series into existing analog load share line coupled applications.

Woodward’s SYNCONpanel is used to connect a mobile generating set to an MCP (mains coupling point). The mains coupling device in this application is a manual operated breaker, connector, or fuses.
For connecting the mobile generating set, integrated current sensing at the SYNCONpanel transfers the load from the mains to the generating set by soft loading. This enables the user to remove fuses or connectors without load.
For disconnecting the mobile generating set, the SYNCONpanel will phase match the frequency and voltage between the mains and the mobile generating set at the MCP, so a manual operation of the mains breaker or fuses is possible.
A built-in synchronous scope gives the operator clear indication of phase shifts.

Steam Turbine Control Systems


505 Enhanced Steam Turbine Control

Woodward’s 505 electrical control operates industrial steam turbines of all sizes and applications through the steam valve actuation system. The 505 control senses turbine speed via passive or active speed probes, and controls the steam turbine through one or two (split-range) actuators connected to the turbine inlet steam valves. 
It includes specifically-designed algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect industrial steam turbines or turbo-expanders, driving generators, compressors, pumps, or industrial fans. 

For critical applications requiring increased reliability and redundancy, two 505 controls can be connected in a redundant configuration as an option to increase overall system availability.


505E (Extraction/Admission) Steam Turbine Control

Woodward’s 505E digital steam turbine control can be configured to operate single extraction and/or admission steam turbines of all sizes. The 505E digital control is field configurable, with menu-driven software to instruct site engineers on programming the control to a specific generator or mechanical drive application.
The 505E control's unique PID structure makes it ideal for applications where it is required to control several steam plant parameters at once, like turbine speed, load, and inlet, extraction, or exhaust header pressures.


505CC-2 Integrated Turbine Compressor Control or Motor-Driven Compressor control

Woodward’s integrated steam turbine/anti-surge compressor control is utilized on one/two stage compressors driven by a steam turbine or electric motor. 
The turbine control architecture is patterned after the popular 505 and 505E turbine controls and can be configured for single-valve or two-valve steam turbines. This controller’s anti-surge protection algorithms can be configured for one- or two-stage compressor loads, driven by a motor or turbine. The anti-surge control provides the user with a choice between two algorithms-the standard Woodward anti-surge algorithm or a special "minimum transducer" design that adapts to variable molecular weights.


505DE-Single 505DE Single or Dual Extraction-Admission
Woodward’s 505DE configurable control operates industrial steam turbines of all sizes in both generator and compressor applications. 
This 505DE allows configuration for use on: 
· single inlet turbines
· single extraction turbines
· double extraction turbines
This makes it ideal for plants wanting to standardize on one product for all their steam turbines. 
The 505DE control's unique PID structure makes it ideal for applications where it is required to control several steam plant parameters at once, like turbine speed, load, and inlet, extraction, or exhaust header pressures. Available in simplex or dual-redundant models.


2301D-ST Digital Load Sharing and Speed Control for Steam Turbines

Woodward’s 2301D-ST configurable control performs the core load sharing and speed control functions of small steam turbines. The application software is field configurable, allowing it to be modified to meet site-specific requirements.
Like Woodward's 2301A line of controls, this control is housed in a sheet-metal chassis and consists of a single printed circuit board. To facilitate unit retrofits, the 2301D-ST's I/O terminals are located in the same general location as Woodward's 2301A line of controls.

Peak-150 Peak 150® Steam Turbine Control
Woodward’s Peak®150 steam turbine control is a low-cost, compact, digital control for single-valve or single-valve rack steam turbines. It provides convenient operator control and speed display from the front panel. It is housed in a watertight and dust tight enclosure. A corrosion-resistant enclosure designed to meet NEMA 4X requirements is also available. 
The Peak 150 digital control is designed to control a steam turbine driving a mechanical load. It provides tight control of speed (NEMA D) and includes an input for a 4-20 mA remote speed control signal, which can be used for a process-generated input to control the speed setting.
Other features include dual speed control dynamics and overspeed trip test capabilities.



SPC Servo Position Controller

Woodward’s SPC (Servo Position Controller) is a servovalve driver that accepts a 4–20mA position signal and accurately positions proportional or integrating servovalves. 
The SPC is a field programmable servo driver that controls one integrating or proportional servovalve, and accepts single- or dual-feedback signals for valve position sensing. The SPC has the required accuracy, responsiveness, and redundancy required for steam or gas turbine fuel valve control.


Digital Valve Positioner (DVP)

Woodward’s Digital Valve Positioner (DVP) is the most advanced for use on all Woodward actuator and valve assemblies. The DVP provides a customized customer interface with advanced diagnostics to provide the most reliable system.  The DVP is designed to control Limited Angle Torque and Brushless DC motor types.


EM/LQ Digital Driver (EM24V Digital Driver)

Woodward’s EM/LQ Digital Driver controls the electric actuators for Woodward gas turbine fuel and water valves used on industrial gas turbines. 
The EM/LQ Digital Driver interfaces with Woodward actuators and valve/actuators that incorporate a brushless dc motor and multiple resolvers. The maximum resolver scenario involves a motor position resolver as well as dual output shaft resolvers.

Analog Control
2301A Speed Controls
2301A Load Sharing and Speed Controls
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LS-5 Multiple Circuit Breaker Control & Protection
RP-3000 - Remote Panel for easYgen 3000 Series
easYlite-100 CAN Bus Based Remote Annunciator
IKD 1 Digital I/O Extension Board
Load Share Gateway (LSG)
505 Enhanced Steam Turbine Control
505E Steam Turbine Control
505CC-2 Integrated Turbine Compressor Control or Motor-Driven Compressor control
505DE Single or Dual Extraction-Admission
2301D-ST Digital Load Sharing and Speed Control for Steam Turbines
Peak 150® Steam Turbine Control
SPC Servo Position Controller
Digital Valve Positioner
EM/LQ Digital Driver
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828 Digital Controls for Custom Applications
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