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Hydraulic Actuators

CPC-II-Electro CPC-II Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Control Valve

Current to Pressure Converter (CPC-II) is an electrohydraulic pressure regulating control valve used to position single-acting steam turbine valve servos/actuators. The CPC-II's superb accuracy and resolution make it ideal for steam turbine valve control and related turbine speed and load control.



TG-13E / TG-17E Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Woodward’s TG-13E/TG-17E self-contained electro-hydraulic actuators are used in the replacement of TG governors with an actuator and electric control system. The TG-13E and 17E proportional electro-hydraulic actuators convert an electrical signal to a corresponding proportional output shaft position in order to position the valve that controls the flow of steam (or energy medium) to the turbine. 



EHPS Electro-Hydraulic Power Servo

APECS 0275 linear actuators provide precision fuel control of diesel, gasoline, or natural gas engines.


Hydraulic-Amplifier Hydraulic Amplifier Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Woodward’s Hydraulic Amplifier is a linear electro-hydraulic actuator designed to operate steam turbine control valves or valve racks. This integrated actuator is intended for use on mechanical-drive or generator-drive steam turbines, and uses a low-pressure hydraulic oil source (typically turbine lube oil) to provide its output shaft force.



PGPL Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

The PGPL actuator/driver is an electro-hydraulic actuator with a proportional driver interface that can be used with electronic controls providing a 0 to 200 mA position signal. It is an easy replacement for PGL and PGD type governors and offers the advantages of electronic control and the convenience of using existing PG-type drive and linkage.



TM 25/200 Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Woodward’s TM-25/-200LP actuators are electro-hydraulic, proportional actuators for positioning steam and pilot valves requiring low/high force linear actuation. The TM-25LP and the TM-200LP electro-hydraulic actuators provide one inch of linear valve movement for steam turbine control valves. For critical turbine applications, a dual coil option is available.



TM-55P Electro-hydraulic Actuator

The TM-55P actuator is an electrohydraulic, proportional actuator for controlling diesel, natural gas, and gasoline engines, or steam and gas turbines. It is designed for use with Woodward analog and digitalcontrols. With an adapter, the TM-55P will interface directly to Woodward liquid and gas fuel valves.



UG25+ Electro-Hydraulic Governor 

The UG-25+ governor is a microprocessor-controlled, mechanical-hydraulic amplified governor for controlling diesel, gas and dual fuel engines, and steam turbines. The UG-25+ offers enhanced control capabilities, such as start fuel and boost limiting schemes. The additional transient fuel limiting (jump-rate) improves the engine load acceptance and reduces transient emissions significantly.