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Electrical Actuators

APECS Linear

0175 0175 Linear Actuators

APECS 0175 linear actuators deliver precise positioning and form the foundation of a full electronic governing system.


0225 0225 Linear Actuato

Ball bearing design of the APECS 0225 linear actuator reduces friction and delivers more precise engine control.


0275 0275 Linear Actuator

APECS 0275 linear actuators provide precision fuel control of diesel, gasoline, or natural gas engines.


DYNA Actuators

DYNA-2000 DYNA 2000/2500 Linear Actuactors

DYNA 2000 and 2500 actuators provide precise isochronous speed control of engines with fuel system force requirements of less than 13 lbs (58 N).

DYNA-7000 DYNA 7000 Rotary Actuator

DYNA Plus actuators can be operated with any of the DYNA controllers to provide an engine governor for speed and power control of piston and gas turbine engines or steam and water turbines. The actuator is equipped with a non-contact feedback transducer, making it useful in positioning systems.


DYNA-70025 DYNA 70025
(For Stanadyne Fuel Injection Pumps) Rotary Actuator

Designed in collaboration with Stanadyne, these rotary actuators are integrated onto the pump cover of Stanadyne "D" Series injection pumps, eliminating replacement of internal parts or addition of external linkage. Installation is done simply by removing the existing cover and replacing it with the new cover. Used on Stanadyne injection pump models DB / JDB / DC / DB2 / DB4 / DM2 / DM4.


DYNA-8000 DYNA 8000 Series Rotary Actuators

Woodward DYNA 8000, 8200 and 8400 rotary actuators are robust and reliable. Paired with a Woodward controller, they ensure precise isochronous or droop speed control of medium-sized engines depending on the type of fuel system used. Applications include speed and power control of piston and gas turbine engines or steam and water turbines.



DYNA Plus Series

DYNA Plus actuators can be operated with any of the DYNA controllers to provide an engine governor for speed and power control of piston and gas turbine engines or steam and water turbines. The actuator is equipped with a non-contact feedback transducer, making it useful in positioning systems. 


EPG Rotary Actuators

EPG-Rotary The 512/524 and 1712/1724 EPGs 

The 512/524 and 1712/1724 EPGs are three-component governing systems for 12 or 24 Vdc operation. All EPG systems include an actuator, an electronic speed control, and magnetic pickup. Both isochronous and droop controls are available. The EPG is designed for precise speed control of diesel, gas, or gasoline engines, and gas turbines. 

The governor is especially suited to prime movers without a mechanical drive or hydraulic oil supply for the governor, and which have low-mass, low-friction fuel linkages.

L-Series Speed or Position Control Actuators


L-Series Integrated Engine Speed Control Actuator

The Woodward L-Series Integrated Engine Control System is the first engine speed control to deliver so much in a package this compact. It can also deliver a big savings in production and field support.

The L-Series control system can easily be programmed to match the operating parameters of every engine you produce since it is microprocessor-based. The L-Series offers speed control with software-selectable speed setpoints, dynamics, fuel limiting, and start/stop behavior. All you need is a PC and a simple, plug-in download on your production line.  



L-Series Position Control Actuator

The L-Series Position Controller provides a building block approach to total engine management. The microprocessor-based, bi-directional actuator design easily attaches to fuel pumps, mixers, or throttle bodies. The L-Series Position Controller accepts a position command and drives the 0-60 degree output shaft to the commanded position based on an internal shaft position sensor. The high-efficiency torque motor delivers 0.34 N•m (0.25 lb-ft) nominally over 60 degree travel range to operate fuel or air control devices.


F-Series Modular Electrical Actuators

F-Series-Modular F-Series Modular Actuator 

Woodward’s F-Series Modular Actuator is a robust, bi-directional, electrical actuator with integral drive. It is designed to be engine-mounted for various position control functions on reciprocating engines used in industrial and on-highway service. Woodward’s F-Series is either a stand-alone actuator or a combination actuator + throttle body (Integrated Throttle Body [ITB]) with integral electronics. Three versions comprise the product line:

  • F-Series Modular Actuator
  • F-Series Throttle (FST)
  • F-Series Throttle Plus (FSTP)


ProAct Actuators


ProAct P-Series FL Actuator

Woodward’s ProAct P-Series FL position controller adds further flexible actuation to the ProAct product line. This new actuator configuration accommodates wiring directly to the unit’s internal circuit board, eliminating the need for an intermediate connector along with its cost. 



ProAct Digital Plus Actuator

The ProAct™ Digital Plus actuator controls varying functions such as fuel rack positioning, timing control, throttle valve, and wastegate positioning, among others. The actuator is effectively a positioner with an integral driver that will accept a position command signal from another device in the system such as a speed control. Its integral digital driver is capable of controlling the actuator, communicating with the outside control system, and containing on-board software and intelligence to realize monitoring and customizing functions.



ProAct ISC Integrated Speed Control

ProAct™ ISC combines the proven ProAct electric actuator with integrated speed control software to control the speed of diesel and gaseous fuel engines. ProAct ISC is a microprocessor-based speed control incorporated into an actuator, creating a single integrated actuator/speed control. This eliminates the need for an additional driver box and speed control box.


ProActITB ProAct ITB Integrated Throttle Body

The ProAct™ ITB integrated actuator and throttle body is designed to throttle air or air/fuel for gaseous engines. With bore sizes ranging from 85mm to 180mm, ProAct ITBs are designed for use with engines in the 1 MW to 2 MW range. The electromagnetic actuator has 75 degrees of travel, which alleviates the problems associated with linkages on gas engines (such as setup, non-linearity, and wear).


EML100 Electric Actuator

EML100 EML100

Woodward’s EML100 electric actuator provides high accuracy, closed loop position control for steam and gas turbine valves. The actuator positions a steam or fuel valve that requires a linear operator with a stroke length between 13 and 38 mm (0.5 and 1.5 inches). This linear electric actuator is driven by an off-actuator driver Woodward’s EM/LQ Digital Driver


Electric Gear-Motor Actuators EM80-300

ElectricGear The 512/524 and 1712/1724 EPGs 

The EM-80 and EM-300 gear-motor actuators are intended to be mounted on large diesel, gas, and dual-fuel engines, and on all types of turbines. They control the position of engine fuel racks, turbine fuel valves, turbine and turbocharger variable geometry, and handle fuel injection timing control racks. These systems are well suited for engines without a mechanical drive or hydraulic oil supply.