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Who We Are

Over its 40 years of operation, MAS S.A. has developed an organization offering total sales and technical support coverage not only in Greece but also in the wider international area.  With an extensive know-how on the systems it provides and internal capabilities that few companies possess, MAS S.A. today, known for the quality of its work and its customer oriented approach, is among the few European companies who have the ability to undertake complex projects on a turn-key concept. The company’s manpower includes highly specialized degree engineers forming a team considered as one of the best in its field.  Its flexible structure allows it to be equally efficient and competitive for simple customer requirements as well as for demanding projects.  MAS S.A. covers a wide area of expertise giving it the ability to undertake the solution of complex problems in key market areas such as Power generation, Heavy Industry and Shipping. 

Our Secret to Success

  • In-house knowhow and technical capabilities

MAS S.A. is constantly investing on its personnel who are regularly trained in specialized seminars all over the world.  The technical experience of the company’s engineers is its main competitive advantage.

  • Quality vs. Cost

MAS S.A. has chosen to have quality as a driver and not cost, thus keeping the quality of its solutions to a highest of standards.  The company represents and cooperates only with leading manufacturers who lead today’s technological evolution.  As such the systems supplied by the company are of the highest quality and reliability from companies based in Germany, Japan, England, USA and Canada.

  • Controlled growth

MAS S.A. leverages on its technical capabilities and has a controlled growth program.  Focusing always in its specialized market it has chosen a vertical expansion model which keeps the company focused and always technologically ahead of its competitors.‚Äč

Main Historical Milestones

1974 - Establishment of MAS S.A.

MAS S.A. was established under the name of “Marine Automation Services Ltd”. The company was initially involved in the Marine sector as an engineering company which undertook the upgrade of engine room and bridge control systems. Offering specialized services the company quickly grew outside the Greek  market and started serving its shipping customers all over the world.

1984 - Woodward Partnership.

Marine Automation Service Ltd. accomplishes to become the official AISF (Authorized Independent Service Facility) of Woodward.

1994 - Kidde Partnership.

MAS S.A. becomes the official representative of Kidde Graviner Oil Mist Detection systems.

1995 - Company changed from Ltd to S.A. and was renamed MAS S.A.

Invested in land based solutions creating a department dedicated to Industrial Solutions. To accommodate its activities in both sectors the company was renamed as MAS S.A.

1996 - Delivery of first land based Power Producing upgrade project.

1999 - Becomes Woodward Central Distributor for Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.

2002 - Bosch Rexroth Partnership.

MAS S.A. becomes the exclusive partner of Bosh Rexroth Service in Greece.

2004 - SCADA Department created.

Responding to the market needs for specialized monitoring and control solutions, MAS S.A. formed a dedicated development department.

2006 - Delivered first Gas Turbine Compressor station upgrade project.

2007 - Opens Offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

2008 - Delivered first Hydro Turbine Power Station upgrade project.      

2009 - Woodward RTR (Recognized Turbine Retrofitter).

MAS S.A. becomes one of the few companies that is accredited as a Woodward RTR (Recognized Turbine retrofitter).

2010 - Delivered first Large utility Steam Turbine upgrade project.

2011 - MAS S.A. becomes Woodward’s Central commercial and technical facility for Eastern Europe (Greece, Cyprus and Turkey and the Balkans).

2013 - Opens Offices in Erbil, Iraq.

Main Awards

1996 - “Best engineering solution award” : Woodward USA.

1997 - “Best Woodward AISF in Europe” : Woodward USA.

2001 - “Outstanding dedication to customers” : Woodward USA

2003 - “Best Integrator” : Bosch Rexroth EU

2008 - “Golden Ball-head for best commercial performance” : Woodward USA