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What we do

“We design, develop and deliver latest technology control, protection and monitoring systems for Turbine and Engine installations with the objective to increase the machinery lifetime, reliability and efficiency and help our customers meet the latest standards in safety and operation as well as the ultimate target of increasing their business profitability.”  

With over 40 years of experience, MAS S.A. has field proven solutions for a wide range of processes and markets which extend further that the unit control and offers complete integrated management systems. We approach every project with the confidence of our know-how and experience but also with the knowledge that every project is unique since no installation is similar. 

Acting as a main contractor, or a subcontractor, our scope most times includes Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning which ensures the end result. 

Our strength is our ability to utilize the existing investments in machinery equipment and to increase one or more key variables in order to increase process safety and operational profit.   Our projects always aim at improving the following key areas:

  • Process Stability - better process control / stable production
  • Reliability & Availability - less down time / more utilization
  • Efficiency - less energy loss / better downstream process values
  • Running costs - less maintenance & operation costs
  • Asset Re-capitalization - extended machine lifetime / better return on initial investment
  • Operational Safety - comply with latest industry standards
  • System Integration - enable old system to integrate with new systems

Key element of the success of every project is the aftermarket support. Specialized service & support is probably the most important parameter in the markets we are serve since a shutdown is often not an option and a non-acceptable incident.  For this reason, MAS S.A. has a 24hr support service and engineering teams ready to be dispatched on a short notice to provide assistance to trouble shooting situations.

Using the aforementioned expertise and specialized know-how, MAS S.A. is a company offers its services to two main sectors:  

Industrial Solutions

MAS S.A. provides technology that addresses industry’s challenges and needs. We work across industries including Oil & Gas, Heavy Industry and Power Production. Turn-key advance control & protection solutions, that ensures the reliability, availability and cost-effective operation throughout your facility infrastructure. In addition our control and process monitoring systems, complements the comprehensive solutions that our company is committed to provide for our clients.

MAS S.A. motivated from our goal, to provided state of the art and up to latest standard technology solutions to our clients, has continued to involve and grow across engineering, procurement and commissioning segments. Key objects of our industrial solutions include the following:

Marine Solutions

MAS S.A. continues today to be one of the leading companies in the Marine building and repair market, not only in Greece, but in the wider Eastern Mediterranean. We provide to shipping companies a reliable engineering company that can install and commission integrated automation and control systems in pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic automation systems. MAS S.A. uses an integrated approach implementing advanced computer and/or microprocessor based technologies configured to operate with existing equipment and systems. Our systems are suitable for new vessels of any size and for retrofit programs modernizing existing ships.

Thought select representation of equipment manufacturers either as representatives (Woodward, Kidde Graviner) or nor as close business relationships (Bosch-Rexroth), we provide not only state of the art equipment of undisputable quality but also continued full lifecycle support in the supply of spare parts, service and training. Our products always comply with quality and classification societies. Therefore whatever the application our customers global or local can always rely on MAS S.A. to find the optimal solution for them. Key objects of our marine solutions include the following: