About us

For over 45 years MAS specializes in the design, development and installation of Power Management, Control, Protection & Monitoring Solutions which increase productivity, minimize downtime and extend the life time of the initial investment.

With an extensive know-how, we are known for the quality of our work and our customer oriented approach. Our manpower includes highly specialized degree engineers forming a team considered as one of the best in its field. In addition, our flexible structure allows us to be equally efficient and competitive for simple customer requirements as well as for demanding projects.

Quality and reliability are not just words for us, as strict procedures for ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 27001 are enforced. As a totally independent company, we are able to select leading manufacturers that provide us with the needed scope and ability to deliver the best techno-economically solutions for any technical challenge.

We are part of the Woodward aftermarket group and thus part of the biggest design and manufacturing group for controls, protection and monitoring solution for prime mover machinery. We are the Exclusive Representative, Central Distributor Facility, Business Partner, and Training Center for Woodward in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans and the second company in Europe to be a Recognized Turbo Retrofitters (RTR). As part of the Woodward group, we are not only bound to use the highest quality of equipment in our solutions, but we also have access to acquired engineering know-how that cannot be matched by competitors. As a result we are in position to issue an OEM world-wide guarantee for all projects we deliver.

Further to our engineering activities, we also represent and provide technologically advanced industrial and marine components that complement our products and services and which are from major American and European companies.

What we do

  • Detailed Design
  • Application engineering
  • Application development
  • Machine Instrumentation
  • Unit Control Systems
  • Control Room systems

Why choose us

With over 45 years of experience we always deliver what we promise.

  • We offer field proven solutions for a wide range of processes in all markets we serve
  • We design, develop and deliver latest technology control, protection and monitoring solutions
  • We undertake technically demanding projects on a turn key basis
  • We are always technologically ahead

The markets we serve

Our Sturcture

Our company consists of 5 departments serving the above 5 markets.


Mechanical workshop

Governor maintenance, valves, actuators etc.


Automation department

  • Engine Control, protection & Supervision systems
  • Alternator controls & protection systems
  • Power / Energy Management systems
  • Compressor controls
  • Gas Turbine Control, protection & Supervision systems
  • Steam Turbine Control, protection & Supervision systems
  • Hydro Turbine Control, protection & Supervision systems
  • Engine & turbine HMI systems
  • Maneuvering systems
  • Pitch control systems
  • Oil mist detection systems
  • Alarm and monitoring systems


SCADA department

  • Generation Management Systems (GMS)
  • Energy Management systems (EMS)
  • Forecasting, scheduling & dispatching systems


Contractual project management

  • Wide scope EPC or Turn-key project management with subcontracting activities


Sales department

Pre-sales engineering, sale facilitation, post-sales support